Powerschool Parents
  • Elicarvicuar Elementary School

    Elicarvicuar Elementary School

  • Yupik Values

    We cherish our elders

  • Potlatch 2015

    Dancers at Potlatch 2015

  • X-Country Skis

    X-Country Skis

  • The City of Saint Mary’s

    The City of Saint Mary’s

  • ri trip

    We learn from our family

  • Elementary Playground

    Elementary Playground

  • Highschool Gym

    Newly constructed Highschool gym

  • Climate Science

    Climate Science on the tundra

  • Relevant Instruction

    Relevant Instruction trip camp

Yup’ik Studies

DCIM100GOPRO With guidance and support from our elders we much teach children Yup’ik values.

School Facilities

FacilitiesLooking down the court of the new Highschool gym.

Climate Science

Students assembling a new weather station on the tundra.

Relevant Instruction

Students in one of the school boats preparing for GPS mapping on the Andreafski River.

Sports and Activities


Students compete in Eskimo Stick Pull,
a Native Youth Olympics sport


Community The community gathers at the school to celebrate tradition, culture, and family.

2018-2019 Year in Review!



In Yup'ik...

Yupiit Alerquutait
Negeqlirmiut Elicarviat Yupiit Yuutait
Atauciuqaqluni Yuk picirkangqertuq Yupillgutminun
Anagcetlerkanun Yuullemta Anerneranun, anautai-llu
Yuyarakeggtaaraat, piciryarat-llu maliggtaquluki.
Ilakucimteggun egmiuquryuumaarput, elicauteksuumaarput
Yuuluta-llu Yupiuyaramcetun:

Cellangcautiitgun Pisqumallratgun-llu Teggnemta
Elicarnarqerput irniaput Yupigtun Yuuyaramek
Keneknarqellrat Mikelnguut
Pirpakluki allat
Ilakellriit Cauryarait
Nalluvkenaki ciuliamta ilakuciit
Nalluvkenaku qaneryararput
Pissuyaraq elluarrluni
Kingunermi Caciryaraq
Pirpakluki yuulgutet
Pirpakluku Nuna
Pirpakluku Yuilquq

In English...

Every Yup’ik Is Responsible To All Other Yup’iks For Survival Of Our Cultural Spirit, And The Values And Traditions Through Which It Survives. Through Our Extended Family, We Retain, Teach, and Live Our Yup’ik Way.

With Guidance and Support From Elders
We Must Teach Our Children Yup’ik Values:

Love For Children
Respect For Others
Hard Work
Family Roles
Knowledge Of Family Tree
Knowledge of Language
Hunter Success
Domestic Skills
Avoid Conflict
Respect For Tribe
Respect For Land
Respect for Nature

By The Design Of Our Creator
We Were Created Yup’ik In Space And Time;
Proud, For Generations To Come,
Of The Values Given To Us By Our Creator.